Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pre-Christmas Concert...

This blog is becoming a "Who's Who" in traditional Irish music.

Haley meets all the coolest, nicest, best Irish musicians! She met another last night while attending a concert at the Irish Center. Accordion player James Keane was in town to play with his nephew, Haley's good friend Paraic, and guitarist (multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire) Gabriel.

                            Haley and Daddy being silly and waiting for the concert to begin.

                                                          Paraic, James, and Gabriel

                Marian joined them with a beautiful Gaelic Christmas song. She has the prettiest voice.

The guys invited Haley up for a few tunes. She played a set which she started with Dr. Gilbert's then Paraic went into another tune that Haley didn't know so she played quietly the first time through and learned it on the fly so she was going full swing by the second play-through with the guys. They then asked her to play a tune on her own so she played on of her favorite tunes, Mason's Apron.

It was a really nice concert with great tunes. Nothing is better than live music. I enjoyed the slow air James played on his accordion. It was beautiful. It was a wonderful way to begin our Christmas holidays. Now we get a week with no schoolwork but lots of violin/fiddle practice.

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