Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cute Fingernail...

I know, I know....I said I was finished blogging for 2012 but I have to post this. Haley found the idea for this on Pinterest then painted it herself. It is too cute.

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Stewart said...

Your posting on cherishing the moments with the kids is the sweetest most heartfelt composition I have read, probably ever. I too enjoy those little things. Something as simple as supper as a family or waking up early in the morning and sharing a cup of tea with you, seeing the boys off to school, watching sleepy Haley wake up in the morning and transform from sleepy groggy Haley to the bursting ball of energy that she is everyday, just observing them in daily life from their music and sports to the serious and often comical conversations we have together as a family. Funny how those small simple daily things have such an impact on us as parents. Thank you for doing all that you do to be such a wonderful mom and wife. I consider myself truly blessed to share the journey of life with you and these three wonderful, not so little anymore, people that we helped bring into the world. I love you.