Monday, February 06, 2012

Next Gen...

The Next Generation of Irish Musicians meets in Philly once a month. It is a free program for kids and interested adults who get together and learn new tunes, have a snack, then play session-style together. The group plays every year at the Garden State Discovery Museum and the New Jersey Folk Arts Festival.

Haley has been participating with the group since she was 5 years old and started fiddle lessons with one of the group's founders, Kathy. The past couple years, it has been difficult to make it to the monthly sessions with her lessons, competitions, and orchestra events on Sundays, but we try to get there when we can.

This past Sunday the kids performed at the Discovery Museum. Here are some photos of the event...

Haley and her buddy, Alex, played a duet together. They came up with the tune set at the last minute but did a good job. Luckily they both have the same fiddle teacher so they have similar repertoire. It was a fun performance.

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