Saturday, February 18, 2012

District Champ!!!

 Newt has worked toward this moment since he was 5 years old. Every year we attended the district tournament and watched those high school wrestlers in the finals stand under the lights in the dark gym full of spectators as the announcer reads off their records and accomplishments. This was Newt's 1st time under those lights and he has a pretty impressive record for a sophomore 60-7 career so far plus lots of accomplishments including 3rd in the district and 4th in the region last year.

Newt has worked so hard and been so disciplined this year. In the District tournament he pinned his first two opponents in 50 and 55 sec. respectively. The score of his finals match was 8-3. He clearly dominated the entire match. Next weekend is the regional tournament. It won't be such a cake-walk. He will have to wrestle tough opponents for the first time this season. Win or lose...I am so proud of him.

Newt on the podium

All the District Champions


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