Sunday, October 16, 2011

Performing with friends...

 Haley, Dylan, and two of their fellow All-Ireland competitors from the area were asked to perform from the Delaware Valley CCE last night. This wonderful group helps all the kids raise money for their trips to Ireland so playing for them is an honor.

The kids arrived a bit early and put together a program with some tunes together then some solo tunes and various duet combinations. They all took a turn announcing their tunes and did a great job playing together.

After the program by the kids, there was an evening of dancing fun. Haley and I enjoyed dancing our favorite The Haymaker's jig. She and a friend danced a waltz together which was a little funny because it was the two of them surrounded by a pairs of adults. They looked to pinballs bouncing off the different groups in the room. Here are a few more photos from the evening...

Haley fiddling.

The whole group including the audience.

Dylan rockin' it on the banjo...awesome!!

Haley's friends had asked her to learn one of their favorite slow tunes, Inishear. So she dedicated it to them. This is their reaction.

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