Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Busy-ness...

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the change in nights with warm days (though we've had quite a few "not so warm" days lately, too). I love the change in the leaves especially the colors...oranges, yellows, reds, and golds. I love the new beginning with kids going back to school and new sports starting. This year it is football for Dylan.
Not sure if you can see it but Dylan moved his football number into the grass in the backyard. LOL

Newt with his homecoming date, Kayla.

I also love all the festivals in the Fall. I seem to like them better than the Spring ones for some reason. I like looking at the crafts, hearing the music, etc... The kids have a few very busy weekends coming up musically. They have gigs nearly every weekend and on the other weekend day, Dylan has football games.

This past weekend they played at the Amish Market in the next town over. The market is relatively new there. The basement of the building houses the Amish Market part and the 1st floor has vendors and small eating establishments but is only about 1/4 full. The kids played on a small stage on the 1st floor and the area was huge and concrete so a little echo-y sound wise. They played two sets about 45 min each and drew nice size crowds of people coming and going in and out of the market. It was a little different from their normal gigs where they talk a little more and explain what they are playing. With people coming and going it was more like when they busk.

They played really well together. I wanted to record them but the sound in the huge area was not the best for recording and they were playing with a large window behind them so they looked more like shadows on a recording so that didn't work. I hope to get some newer video of them at one of their other  gigs in the next couple weeks.

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Karmeleon said...

Checking in! ;D

Wow - big kids you have! Well, so do I.

For us, we are eagerly awaiting the end of the school year....and school results *pant*.