Wednesday, October 19, 2011

House Concert...

Haley with Andy Irvine
Last night Haley and I went to see Andy Irvine at a house concert in the city. When we originally received the invitation, she recognized his name from her Patrick Street CD and was excited to see him perform. 

It was an amazing concert. He sang or played harmonic while backing himself on guitar or bouzouki. Some of his songs made us laugh and others made us want to cry. You know a musician is great when the audience is filled with many of the best local musicians in the area! 

The house where the concert was held was in the center of the city and they had a roof deck with an absolutely stunning night view of the city which we took in during the break.  Haley lasted the entire night and was so pumped, she also stayed awake most of the drive home at midnight! It is almost 9am and I haven't heard a sound from her yet this morning, though.

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