Wednesday, January 19, 2011


 Last Sunday we tried to go to the Irish session at the Plough and the Stars on our way back from New York, but it had started and finished early due to the Eagles game. Haley asked to go this week and since we had nothing else planned, we grabbed Grammy, Poppop, and Dylan and headed over the bridge.
The session was really busy this week with some faces we hadn't seen before and some faces the kids love seeing. They had a great time playing music, laughing, and goofing around. Grammy, Poppop, and I had a nice dinner and lovely entertainment.

Whenever violin parents ask me about their children's interest in fiddle music and fiddling, I always recommend  finding area sessions. Even if their kids aren't ready to join in, it is wonderful to just go and hear the music. We have had nothing but good experiences at any sessions and have found sessions to attend in any city we've visited in the last couple years...Minneapolis, New York, Dublin, Cavan, Tullamore, Newark, Parsippany. etc... The things they all have had in common is friendly people and great music.

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