Monday, January 24, 2011

January Concert...

Haley participated in a classical music recital for her teacher's studio last night. She had been working on a new piece Souvenier de Sarasate by William Potstock since around Christmas and was thrilled when her teacher agreed to allow her to play it for the concert...usually playing a new piece is a "no-no."

Haley did a great job and so did the other students. A couple of the older viola players were very impressive. It is so fun to hear how the kids have progressed. It's been awhile since her teacher has been able to have a studio recital.
Overall, Haley was very pleased with her performance though there was one section where she felt a little rushed by the piano and almost got lost. She kept it together though. It was her first time playing a piece she had learned from written music only and she had only heard it twice with piano on youtube prior to rehearsing with the accompanist on Friday afternoon.
Here she is playing at the concert.

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