Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Composers Lapbook...

For the past few months, Haley has been working on Hands On History's Composers lapbook. She did one project a week along with listening and short reports on different composers. She finished it up this week and here are the results.

This is the outside cover of the lapbook. It velcros on one side to open and close.
 If you open the cover, this is what you see. On each side the piano keys have musical vocabulary and underneath each is the meaning of the term. The little book on the music stand has information about the periods of music inside.
 If you lift the flap under the music stand, There is a timeline with the periods of music and promonent composers during that period. I couldn't unfold the entire thing and still get a photo so I just unfolded the first couple flaps.
Photos of each composer with short biographies of each cover many of the surfaces of the lapbook. I think there are 20 different composers represented throughout the lapbook.
Pieces with a Purpose is a pocket with different little symbols and descriptions of the various ways music is used in society...hymns for church, CDs for listening, patriotic songs, used to make money, opera, etc...
This page is a pocket for copies of the listening pages. On each page in the Music Appreciation pocket there is a page about a piece Haley listened to complete with a drawing on how the piece made her feel and important information about the piece and composer.

This view shows more of the small composer reports.
Great job, Haley! Next she will be doing a lapbook from Hands On History about famous artists.


EmmaNadine said...

This is fantastic! She did a wonderful job.

Nydia said...

I like a lot.Where you find the cd template. If tou can, send me Thanks!

Djamie said...

Well done Haley !
Could you help me ? I'd like to find the model of timeline and the pictures of musicians (I find they are really great !)
You seem to be very passionated by music, it's great !

Cindy, a French mummy.

ptmom said...

Above it the website for the lap book pictures and layout.

Djamie said...

I come back to thank you a lot. I purchased the same lapbook documents (despite it's only available in English) and done it. Now, I have to translate many texts, but it will be a good opportunity for me to revise my English !!

Have good holidays,