Thursday, June 05, 2008

What a week!!!

This has been an amazing week for my musicians. On Wednesday, Newt had a double drum lesson so I had a half hour to kill with Haley and Dylan before Dyl's guitar lesson. We walked a few storefronts down and found a small deli which also has a stage and has live music in the evenings.
We went in and I bought them some ice cream cones. Haley licked hers and the entire top flopped onto the floor! As I was cleaning it up, Dylan proceeded to walk to the back where two men were sitting talking and began discussing the sound equipment and asking about their music nights, etc...
It turns out they were the owners of the place. They asked what he was carrying (Haley's violin because it was too hot to leave it in the car) then wanted to hear her play. She played them a couple tunes and they gave her a new icecream cone and asked the kids to come back and play on Thursday night during "Open Mic Night."
Thursday, Haley gave a concert at a small elementary school (55 students in K through 6th grade). She played a few classical pieces, they asked her questions for awhile, then she played a number of fiddle tunes. She was so mature announcing her songs and answering the questions. She must have been a little nervous because she forgot how to start a couple songs. The amazing thing was that it didn't slow her for more than a second. She quickly recovered and played a different piece in it's place. The kids really enjoyed the event..many walked out telling their teachers they were going to ask their parents for violin lessons. Haley was so charged up by it all. She loved every minute of it!!! On the way home, she said she can't wait to do another event like that. They gave her a card one of the students had made to thank her and also a gift card to Toys R Us. She will also be in a local paper which she is so excited about.
Thursday evening we took the kids over to the deli/coffeehouse for "Open Mic Night." They were the first act after the MC played a few pieces on guitar. Everyone watching was astounded at how at ease they were in front of the crowd and how easy Haley made fiddling look.
When they had finished and packed up, we stayed to watch a few of the other acts. As the next act finished, the owner of the place walked in with his parents. He had invited them to come specifically to see Haley and the boys play. He asked them to play again. This time there was a bigger crowd. They did such a great job. After they finished he told me they are welcome to come any time. He would even give them their own night where only they would play, bring in press if we wanted, or even host an event to benefit a charity of their choice if we want.

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