Monday, June 30, 2008

Counting down and some Haleyisms...

Haley is a kid who loves to count down. She counts down to her birthday, to Christmas, to vacation (hey, I wonder where she got that from?). Anyway, she will start her countdowns some 100+ days out and never forget to ask or tell me some time during the day "How many days?" It has become a running joke in the family over whether or not the day you are currently in or the day of the actual event should be counted. I tend to not count get a lower number and seems like less waiting.

Now we are 2 days out from our Western adventure/vacation (1 if you ask me). Hooray!! Everything is packed and waiting to go into the car.

Here are a few recent Haleyisms. I used to keep track of these in my journal because when she was little we had so many...

"shuckle"- getting the husk off an ear of corn.
"perbert"- a man who marries a woman half his age (we were watching a movie and she noticed this phenomenon.

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