Saturday, June 07, 2008

Homemade Guitar...

Dylan and Daddy worked all day yesterday making a home-made electric guitar in a depression era style. They used a cigar box, some wood, a $5 pick-up, some strings, and knobs to adjust/tune them. In total the cost was about $25.
Now, Dylan is my child who never enjoys reading or doing school but yesterday he had to plan, measure, budget, read instructions, and read the history of this type of guitar. Because it was interesting to him, he remembered everything he read and taught it to his siblings and I.
They got the idea off youtube. He spent the evening looking at video of people playing theirs and making up his own music, even asking Haley to join in with her violin doing some improv. It sounds really neat in a blues sort of way. He plays it with a thumb pick to strum and a small piece of pipe on the finger that is hitting the non-existent frets. It's really cool and provided a great day of unschool-like learning for my most reluctant learner.

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