Friday, December 14, 2007

A "Bowl of Flesh..."

You would never know, looking at my beautiful blond haired beauty, that underneath that sweet, angelic face is a love of the dark and scary. Haley has a fascination with Phantom of the Opera that has not ceased or abated since just prior to her 4th birthday. She knows it inside and out, wants to listen to it on every car trip, and sings the highest notes with the voice of an angel.

I found her a Phantom Christmas ornament on eBay and actually found Phantom Barbies but they were way too expensive so didn't win them. The ornament came yesterday so I have heard it's little piece of a song a million times already.

Often when we play with her Playmobil Fantasy Castle, she wants to play Phantom. Sometimes it is an exact rendition of the musical and sometimes it is her own version (of which we have all the way to Phantom #147 so I am told). Last night, thanks to the arrival of said ornament, Phantom was the topic of our play. At first it started with the original, during which I am constantly reprimanded for failing to use the exact wording. Then it transformed into one of the many "sequels" during which the Phantom is now nice and he and Raul become friends and each date either Christine or her newly arrived sister "Christine" ("because their mother could not think of any other names", of course).

This new rendition took a different turn when Haley decided that Christine #2 would give the Phantom a "bowl of flesh" so he could fix his face and look like the handsome man he was underneath.

What 5 year old thinks of these things?

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