Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fiddling Around...

Yesterday, Haley played her fiddle song for her violin teacher. The teacher seemed pretty impressed that she had learned it from a video in only 10 minutes of hearing it. She said I should send her story to the Suzuki Organization as a demonstration of how well the method works.

Today, Haley stuck in her DVD and learned another fiddle piece on her own. She then found the music score to the DVD songs and asked me to play it on the piano for her. I did and it helped her to fix two spots she was having difficulty getting perfect. She is now listening to the DVD while she plays in the living room. I have never seen a child so eager to learn and intent on doing it.

I have gotten a few books to try teaching her some piano to supplement her violin and help with the music reading but I think I will wait to start until after we get back from vacation the middle of August simply because we can't take a piano on vacation with us.


aangeles said...


What a lovely and talented daughter you have! Can you tell me which DVD she watched to learn how to fiddle? My daughter is also interested in learning but we don't have access to a teacher.


ptmom said...

The original DVDs were Kevin Burke's "How to Play Celtic Fiddle."