Monday, February 03, 2014

Weekend Ramblings....

It's been a busy but fun weekend. Looks like we get an extra day because schools are cancelled for inclement weather which, right now, consists of rain. I am beginning to wonder if my senior will ever graduate. Unluckily for Haley, school is never cancelled for weather. (insert evil grin)

Friday night was the last regular rehearsal before next weekend's concert for Haley's orchestra. I was amazed at how good they sounded because the rehearsal prior was a little rough in some spots but what a difference a week makes! I love the way it sounds when all the kids play together and it just works.

Saturday morning we headed down near the shore for Newt's wrestling quad match. He improved his wrestling record to 114 wins and this past week was named Wrestler of the Week by the area newspaper as a result of his big win by pin last weekend against a former State place winner. The match ended rather quickly because none of the four teams had a full squad. After the match, I drove Haley and Dylan into the city to meet with Haley's friends, Alex and Keegan, so they could work on a couple sets for the "grand finale" of a concert they are all doing in March. We meet at a pub in the city, Fergies, because it is a central venue for all of us and usually are able to use the upstairs room to rehearse but this week it was taken so they had to rehearse downstairs in the actual pub. The other nice thing about meeting there is the session after their rehearsal. It is one of Haley's favorite session venues.

Sunday was our busiest day...and the only day I remembered the camera. Haley had her classical teacher's studio recital where she performed the 3rd movement of Mendelssohn's Concerto in E. She did a great job!

Tuning up before the concert. It wasn't that long ago when Haley was the tiny one in line!
Then we rushed off to Sacred Heart Church where she and Dylan performed at a concert to benefit Heart of Camden, an organization that buys and completely refurbishes homes which they then sell to low income families (they have sold over 200 refurbished homes so far!!). The kids have participated in this fundraiser for the last three or four years and really enjoy it. There is a wonderful crowd, great performers, good sound, and the venue is beautiful.

Caught Dylan smiling!

Okay, Haley is the one looking serious.

Concert grand finale! That boy dancing on the far left was absolutely awesome!

Here's a little video sampling from the concert! Check out the tiny little dancer at 2:47!

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Stacy said...

Ok, I think it's so funny that our girls are learning basically the same classical repertoire! Abby's been doing Mendelssohn's 3rd movement this year as well.