Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Back in September I posted our plans for Haley's homeschooling for the year...more like a wish list for what we could possibly get done. (I always over-plan, heh.) We've followed through with many of those plans, adjusted some, and decided to go a completely different direction with others. Since we are about halfway through our "school year," I thought I'd post what we are actually doing.

This year has been a little different than previous school years because Haley is fairly independent and has more specific ideas on what she'd like to learn. She's a conscientious student so I can leave her a list of things to accomplish on the days I work and expect they will be done.

Here's what she is working on and a little about how things have changed since September...

-She finished Saxon Algebra so we've moved on to Geometry. We started with a couple different options I had around the house, Jacobs and Holt. Haley liked the Holt text better so we are going with that and adding in Khan Academy videos.

Language Arts
-Haley is very interested in writing so she is visiting a mentor once week. With her mentor, she has started a blog and will also work on other writing assignments. Her mentor gives her ideas for books to read...right now she and I are reading Pride and Prejudice and Haley is working through The Young Visitors or Mr. Salteenas' Plan by Daisy Ashford (the book was written when Ms. Ashford was 9 years old and not edited when printed so Haley is working on editing the book as she reads).
-Wordly Wise Vocabulary
-Editor in Chief
-Magic Lens I by Michael Clay Thompson

-We've finished up weekly dissections and Cells by Ellen McHenry. She is working through Biology Coloring Book.
-PLATO High School Biology

-Human PreHistory by The Teaching Company...listen to lectures and take notes

-First Form Latin
-Rosetta Stone French
-Duolingo French
-French in Action

Confessions Time: We have not done well with following any art curriculum. We run out of time during the day and art is the first thing to go. I don't feel too bad about it since Haley spends a lot of her free time doing crafts of some kind. She is learning to sew with Grammy and makes her own projects in her free time including fancy violin mutes.

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