Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Ramblings....

Festivals, festivals, and more festivals....September is Irish festival month!!

This weekend was no exception so down we went to North Wildwood for their annual Irish festival. Parking is trying at best down there and it took us about 30 min to find a spot. Then we had to walk about 7 blocks to the stage where the kids were going to play. We normally do not mind walking but it was Haley's first day in shoes since her "toothpick incident" and she's still a little sore. She was not too happy having to walk so far. We made it and they got everything set up. We saw some friends who had come down for the show. The kids played together for about a half hour then we walked around a bit before heading home.

Seeing friends at the show.

Celtic Pride

Today was one of those rare, stay-at-home-all-day days. Haley had a Skype fiddle lesson then we spent the rest of the day cleaning and practicing. She made a good dent in the pile of new orchestra music she has to learn....a lot of it sounds like Irish tunes she already knows which is kind of funny. 
Gotta love a down day now and then.

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