Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Harvest Time...

 A few years ago my husband planted fig trees. The first set of trees had a hard winter. They were very small and the rabbits ate their bark which killed them. He planted some larger trees a couple years ago and wrapped them in the winter. They grew like crazy this year and yielded a bounty of figs.

Ritch has picked figs to eat and made fig jelly numerous times all with the figs from his own tree. He also made jelly from grapes he grew. Our grape plants are finally big enough to yield enough grapes. We had to plant them twice as well because the first grape plants we planted did not do so well.

 Besides the fig jelly and grape jelly (not pictured because he made it the day after I took this photo), Ritch has also made peach and blueberry jam. We will have plenty of jelly/jam this winter and will have to eat it on everything!  The peaches and blueberries came from our local farmers. Hopefully our own blueberry plants will provide the blueberries next year.

Ritch has planted a second round of salad, kale, and beans. We enjoyed all those in the early summer. We also have some sweet potato plants growing and will harvest those when ready. We've eaten all the regular potatoes we grew this summer. We've had so much rain this summer. Some plants did better with all the rain and others did not fare so well...like the zucchini and tomatoes.

The humming birds came back again this year! In the early mornings and evenings there are at least 10 that fly back and forth for drinks. We have two feeders this size and they empty them every three days or so. We like to sit outside in the evening and watch them zoom back and forth.

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