Thursday, June 06, 2013

Late Spring 2013

We've had some wonderful weather here in our little area of the country. Our garden looks amazing. We were going to plow under our strawberries this year because they were about 4 years old and didn't produce well last year but I think they heard us because they gave us so many huge strawberries this year that we've had our fill of strawberry shortcake and my husband canned 16 jars of jelly and we have over 16 bags of berries frozen in the freezer for winter. (They make great syrup for pancakes....yum!)

Our raised beds are filled with herbs, different salad mixtures, arugula, spinach, and radishes. The garden is planted with lots of 3 different kinds of potatoes (purple Peruvian, red Kennebec, and Yukon gold), turnips, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, carrots, kale, and kohlrabi. Plus there are raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry bushes growing. In the yard we have apple trees and fig trees all growing beautifully.

Our "girls" are laying between seven and twelve eggs a day.

Had to add this cool picture of Haley taken by the photographer from The Daily Journal.

Our home school year has wound down a bit....

Haley's writing and Civil War class have ended. She is going to continue working through Life of Fred Beginning Algebra this summer and do weekly problems from the first half of Saxon Algebra to keep her brain working. She is doing some Critical Thinking workbooks and we need to finish up Chemistry...have about 4 chapters to go.  She is also enjoying Uncle Tom's Cabin right now and will probably read The Borrower's series this summer because the group with whom she took the classes this spring will be doing a special craft night based on the series in the fall.

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