Saturday, May 04, 2013

A Weekend Day in the Life...

We are usually running for some reason or another on the weekends...lessons in NY, gigs, sports events, or sessions. I really enjoy a good day at home without schoolwork to think about. I have time to get my house in order and Haley gets some good practicing done.

Today I had over half the house cleaned before Haley got out of bed at almost 10am!!! Yes, 10am...she must have really needed to sleep because she is almost always up by 8am unless it is cloudy out and today was beautiful and sunny. Newt had spent the night at a friend's for a bonfire last night. (Bonfires are very popular for the high school crowd around here.)  Dylan got up early to head to Great Adventure with his best buddy, Drew. So, I took a shower, opened some windows to let in the warm, fresh air, cleaned all three bathrooms, and dusted before Haley wandered down rubbing her sleepy eyes. She was shocked it was 10am, too.

She got breakfast and dressed then practiced her orchestra material followed by her technique. I vacuumed and helped with her technique practice. Then I cleaned her bedroom (what a job!!!)...we are supposed to have guests tomorrow night so I needed to get it done...I'd been letting her do it and putting it off a deep cleaning for too long.

Newt came home around noon and picked up Haley to take her pond fishing. Thank goodness. It is really hard to clean her room when she is complaining about everything I try to throw away. I sometimes imagine her grown up on the show Hoarders. The kids texted me Haley's first two fish. They caught quite a few and Newt caught a 1lb. sunny but couldn't keep it.

While they were gone, I finished up my cleaning and worked on sewing the modifications to Haley's Southern Belle gown for her Civil War class. A couple weeks ago, Haley and I found a couple great dresses and a large crinoline plus some clip on pearl earrings at a local thrift shop for $15. One dress is a wedding gown which we dyed pink. It came out really cool with the lace taking more of the pink than the gown. This gown is way too big for Haley and I am not a seamstress so altering it that much would have been a nightmare but I may wear it to the Civil War Ball in June except we'd need another crinoline.

Wedding gown pre-dying.

Haley dying the gown.

The other dress we found should work better for Haley. What a find that was! Here it is with the too big crinoline underneath. I modified the crinoline to the right length for Haley and made an off-white lace skirt with under skirting to go under the dress but over the crinoline so the gown will be floor-length. I still have to figure out a way to attached the skirt I made to the crinoline.

Haley and Newt came home from fishing and I gave Newt a haircut and helped Haley practice her fiddling and repertoire. Daddy got home from work and started re-hanging our photos...he recently painted most of the house.

All in all it was a very productive day. We are waiting for Newt to return home with pizza and we'll watch a movie while we wait for Dylan to get home.

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