Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Well, I started this post yesterday so I could post it on Easter but I didn't quite finish.....

We decided to start a new Easter tradition for our family. We woke at 5:45am so get ready and go to the Easter Sunrise Service at the local state park. I think I did a sunrise service once as a teen. Haley and Newt woke up easily but we had to drag Dylan out of bed. It was a beautiful morning at the park. The spring birds were chirping, geese honking, turkeys gobbling, and the sun came up with red and pinks...."red sky in morning, sailors take warning." ( Yes, it did rain later in the day.)

The service was well attended. There was singing and prayer. A senior at our local high school gave a wonderful sermon about remaining true in our walk toward God and turning away from worldly things. I was very impressed not only with his message but his public speaking ability. He was witty and had something important to say.  Bravo to his parents!

After church we had a quiet day at home. Haley and I had fun getting out her packed away spring clothes (Um, not!)....My has she grown this year! All those clothes she's been wearing year after year are finally too small....time to pass on the size 6 shorts. My child has a hard time passing on clothing she's outgrown and it was a rough afternoon for her. LOL

I made a delicious baked salmon with sauteed spinach and mashed potatoes....a dish Haley and I enjoy at one of the pubs where we attend sessions. I managed to capture the dish perfectly. Yum! Also made a plan to eat more fish this year.

A bit of catching up....

Last weekend Haley and I helped her friend, Sofia, celebrate her birthday with ice skating at Rockefeller Center. We'd never been. The weather was perfect and it was a fun afternoon. I was reminded of muscles I'd forgotten I had.

We went for some hot cocoa (chai tea for the grownups) and desserts afterward. Sofia picked this lovely little chocolate tart.

Then we rode the subway back where the girls baked cupcakes and decorated them. They had a lot of fun preparing their decorations then deciding which to use. Anya sat in to watch the fun and taste test the results.

Haley and I stayed the night at her fiddle teacher's home then she took a lesson in the morning before we drove back to NJ for a Palm Sunday Ceili. Haley didn't perform there but spent the afternoon dancing.

Then a number of the ceili participants drove back to Lazy Lanigans (the pub nice enough to host Haley's fundraiser last year) for some dinner and a spontaneous session.

This Saturday, Haley and her friends, Alex and Keegan, met at Fergies Pub to work on their tunes for the trio competition at the Fleadh in May. Last year they decided the night before the competition to enter and worked on figuring out tunes and practicing until late at night. They decided they'd get a head start this year and actually have a plan. They practiced for two hours getting all their notes together (they each played slightly different versions of the tunes they picked) and figuring out which variations they'd like to do then we went down to the session for dinner and some tunes.

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