Monday, April 22, 2013

Haley and Dylan...

Here's a little video of Haley and Dylan playing in Washington D.C. a couple weekends ago.  I can't figure out a way to make it show up directly on my blog. Hmmmm.

Haley participated in PRYSM's practice marathon last month and, since she practices a lot (one of the main reasons homeschooling is perfect for her), won some tickets to see the Philadelphia Orchestra doing a family program of Vivaldi's Ring of Mysteries on Saturday. It was a small orchestra along with two actors performing the show. Haley loved Vivaldi's Ring of Mysteries when she was little (littler than she is now) so she really enjoyed the performance.

Saturday night all the kids performed for the Bridgeton Rotary's Hug a Bear 10th Anniversary Celebration. They rehearsed during the week then decided to change a couple things so needed to practice on Saturday before we left. People are always asking me if they always get along as well as they do on stage. In an effort to "be real," I have to say, "BWAAAAHAHAHA!!! Are you kidding???" (My actual reaction is generally a knowing smile and, "Uh, they have their moments.")

Here is a little picture of what a typical practice looks like with kids aggravating their mother (notice my little angel doing her part to play nicely...again, bwaaahahaha!!!!)

We had a lovely dinner, met some new people, and got to see the kids performance plus an illusionist. Haley sat right in the front trying to figure out how he did all those tricks. LOL! They performed wonderfully despite annoying their mother all afternoon.

Yesterday, Haley and I drove up to New York with friends, Livia also takes fiddle lessons with Brian. The girls had a lesson then we stayed around for Brian's session at Mickey Spillane's Pub. It was nice having someone to talk to during the drive and session.

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