Thursday, March 07, 2013

Week in Review...

This weekend was the start of the St. Patrick's Day rush for my Irish musicians and the end of wrestling for my wrestler (well...for the school season anyway).

First, we spent all day Saturday watching Newt wrestle at Regions. He won his match on Friday night. Then he lost, won, and lost on Saturday. He placed 4th again this year by getting caught in a pin hold after an error on his part.

It was heartbreaking to see how upset he was. He did not show his disappointment on the mat....the boy who pinned him is a friend, but after leaving the mat, he took his loss hard. He had really hoped and worked to make it to the state tournament this year but it just wasn't to be. Next year will be his final chance to try.

Right after Newt finished and we got to talk to him, we took Haley and Dylan to their gig at an area church's St. Patrick's Day celebration. They started off the concert with a 20 minute set then later in the show joined the other performers for some tunes in a session-style format. It was a really nice performance/concert with a great crowd. The dancers were really good, too.

Sunday, the kids had their yearly gig at Cumberland County College. Two of the guys from the gig the night before had hired Haley and Dylan to play with them so the four of them sat on the stage taking turns playing duets and playing together. Mike and Bob play multiple instruments and sing traditional songs and songs they have composed. This was another really nice gig. The venue was nearly sold out and the crowd was great.

                                                           Dylan playing bouzouki.

              I couldn't take any photos during the actual event but took these during sound check.

Haley has had a busy week. She played some Irish fiddle for a bereavement luncheon on Monday that was more an Irish celebration of a woman's life. The woman who had passed frequently came to hear Haley perform the past couple years so it was nice for Haley to be able to honor her in this way.

Tuesday, she joined some adult friends in a performance for an area nursing home. The adults did some ceili/set dancing and Haley played some fiddle tunes.

Today the kids spread some Irish culture for Philadelphia's City Council during their weekly council meeting. A few months ago we had met Councilman Kenney at a Plough and the Stars Sunday night session. Ritch and I happened to be sitting next to him and he was impressed with Haley sitting and playing with all the adults so started talking to us. He asked for a card and a couple weeks ago, we were contacted and asked if the kids would come perform.

Councilman Kenney's staff, especially Ms. Mahler, were very nice. They took the us around and showed us how city council works. We were able to see the beginning of a caucus and the start of the actual meeting. The kids did their performance then we were able to take a tour and go to the top of City Hall just underneath the huge statue of Willliam Penn. It was a beautiful day and we had a great view of the entire city.

The kids were later on the local news...they did a short blurb on their performance.

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