Saturday, March 23, 2013

Classical music....

It seems like all I blog about lately are our Irish music adventures. Haley has been working really hard on her classical music as well. In the past few months she's started and polished up all these pieces. she finished going over and putting the final touches on the Kabalevsky with her teacher just days before she recorded it.

She seems to practice more, work harder, and enjoy herself more when she has more to work on so the past few months have been fun. Now she is getting some new notes which is always her favorite thing to do.

Mozart Sonata in C Major

Kabalevsky Concerto 3rd Movement

Bach Partita in E Major Prelude

She also worked on and recorded a Kreutzer etude but I think she might be angry if I post that so I won't.

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Stacy said...

I love that our girls are working on so many of the same things. Abby just performed the Kabalevsky last weekend again. It's a great piece, and the Bach Partita is one of my favorites.