Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Outside Classes....

One of the benefits to homeschooling is being able to change direction mid-year to take advantage of neat opportunities when they arise. Around Christmas, I received an email from a lady we know, Miss Kathy, asking if Haley would be available to play fiddle for a Civil War Ball in June. She explained that she teaches classes to homeschooling children and this coming semester would be teaching a class on the Civil War which would culminate in a Gala Exhibit Night and "Ball" in June. I asked her for more information about the class and it looked great so I signed Haley up.

So, we put the Ancients on hold until September and Haley will learn about the Civil War. Each student creates their own character who writes diary entries about different topics they discuss in class. There are lots of crafts to make up a lap book, songs to learn, and costumes for the upcoming ball. Haley said Miss Kathy's basement is completely decorated for the Civil War class. We will also take a trip to Gettysburg later in the spring.

Haley was so excited the first day of class that she came home asking to also join a writing class that meets in the morning so I also signed her up for that. They play games with words, write poetry, and stories. Haley and two other (a little bit older) girls are taking both classes together. I pack a lunch for her to eat in between and Miss Kathy has tea parties for the girls after lunch.

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