Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Live Music....

I don't think I ever attended a live musical event when I was a growing up except for an occasional church event like a handbell choir at Christmas (one of my favorite memories) or a concert I was singing in at church or a school....so let me rephrase, I never attended a professional live musical event that I can remember.

I try to take my kids to live events as often as possible especially Haley because she has the most interest in that sort of thing...Irish musician concerts from house concerts to the Kimmel Center, classical concerts with soloists or orchestras, musicals and shows like Riverdance.

There is something about live Irish music that is so much better than music on a CD. I don't know exactly what it is maybe the spontaneity off the music at times rather than the polished mix of a CD or the banter among the musicians or sounds of the instruments in person rather than through a car stereo.

Haley's fiddle teacher often plays with a wonderful group of musicians who call themselves Pr*de of NY. Each is talented in their own right but get them all together on one stage and it is magic. We laugh at their banter and get tears in our eyes from the beautiful airs Joanie plays on her flute...Haley says they sound like they should be played in the movie Titanic. Haley's teacher, Brian, often asks Haley on stage for a set with him during the show and she loves this. This concert, they played a set of fancy hornpipes together.

The venue for this concert was a Gaelic Football club in CT. They get a wonderful crowd who love the music. After the concert, they quickly move the chairs out of the way for a few "sets" (set dances). Haley's teacher was busy talking to relatives and acquaintances so Haley took his spot on stage to play for the dancers. It is pretty incredible watching your child laughing and playing with some of the best Irish musicians in the world.

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