Wednesday, August 08, 2012

We have eggs!!

 Our little Phoenix chicken, Cleo has been laying eggs since last Thursday. It took us a few days to figure out who the mystery layer was but yesterday Daddy caught her kicking around in a nesting box and making a lot of noise. A few minutes later she'd laid an egg and continued to make a lot of noise. She was so proud of herself! She has laid about an egg a day...5 little eggs total. They are light tan in color and a lot smaller than a regular large egg but she is a little chicken. You can see in the photo below three of Cleo's eggs vs. a store-bought extra large egg.

Our other chickens should all start laying in the next couple weeks. Soon we will never have to purchase store-bought eggs again. All of our chickens got their wings clipped yesterday. I spent the morning herding them back into the fenced backyard area because they had found the delicious ripe grapes in the yard just on the other side of the fence and were flying over for the snack three or four at a time. I am concerned about them being on the other side of the fence because our neighbors all have dogs. So, Daddy and the boys trimmed everyone's wings and today they all stayed in the fenced area so I guess it worked.

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Jenny said...

Jealous of chickens again... Must convince husband to build coop!