Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Our Phoenix, who was laying a tiny egg just about every day, went broody this past week. We had to banish her from the coop and after a couple days ended up dipping her in a cold water bath to get her back to normal. When taking her from the nesting box to banish her to the dog run, I found a bluish-green egg that one of our Americaunas had laid that day...her first. The Phoenix hasn't laid an egg since. Not surprising since they aren't known to be the best layers.

Yesterday, we had a Black Australorp and an Americauna wandering around on the back patio. I chased them off four times then took Haley to have lunch with a friend. An hour later Newt called to let me know both chickens had laid an egg on the grill though one rolled off and broke. Newt saw the other come out and caught it before it fell.

We have been chasing chickens off the patio all day today since the grill is not the safest place to lay an egg. Newt placed the Black Australorp in the coop this morning after finding it wandering on the porch and closed it in. About a half hour later there was an egg. The Americauna is still trying to get onto the patio but has still not laid. I am sure more chickens will be laying very soon. They are such funny creatures.

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