Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Fun!!

This weekend we were invited to visit with Haley's viola playing friend, Sofia, and her family in CT. Sofia had planned a fundraising concert with some friends and asked Haley and Dylan to come up and join them.

Then about a week ago, Sofia's mom found a fiddle contest not far from their home so we signed all the kids up to play. Saturday morning was rainy and gloomy. We spent the early morning at the competition hiding under tents trying to keep ourselves but mostly the instruments dry. The rain slowed a bit while the Junior/Junior (12 and under) competition was under way then stopped completely for the Trick & Fancy division (open to any age).

Haley with Dylan accompanying her competed in both divisions. She placed 1st in the Junior/Junior. Haley's friend Sofia fiddled on her viola and her brother "fiddled" with his cello...each was a bit unconventional but both played very well. Sofia's hornpipe sounded really nice with the pianist accompanying her.

After a recall due to a tie, Haley took 2nd in the Trick & Fancy. She played her favorite tune Mason's Apron with some added left hand pizzicato and extra fancy bowings blindfolded. Ha! There were people of all ages competing in that division with everything from fancy costumes to fancy tunes with lots of chopping. One girl hula hooped while playing, another boy fiddled with his fiddle upsidedown, and a teen boy played Czardas a little extra fancy.

We didn't find out about Haley's place in the Trick competition until this morning because we had to leave the competition to go to Sofia's benefit. They had put together a very nice concert with kids playing everything from Witch's Dance to Bach Sonatas to fiddle tunes. Sofia gave a little presentation on the charity she wished to donate to and the kids ate snacks and arm wrestled afterward.

Sunday we drove to NY for Haley's fiddle lesson then hung around so we could attend her teacher's Irish session at Mickey Spillanes Pub before driving home. It was a late night.

Hiding under the tent out of the rain.

Dyl at Mickey Spillanes Pub

Arm wrestling competition

Haley and Sofia enjoying snack.

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