Friday, June 17, 2011


I love hummingbirds. They are amazing tiny creatures. We were a little late putting our feeders out this year due to work being done on the outside of the house. One morning I saw a hummingbird just hovering and looking in our sliding glass door, almost like he was saying, "Hey! Um! I'm here. Where's the food?"

I quickly filled one feeder and set it out but didn't see any critters for the next couple days. They came back though. We've counted up to 8 at one time. They feed all day long but go on a feeding frenzy in the early morning and evenings. We hear them come buzzing in like large bumble bees. Sometimes they chirrup at each other or hover facing each other like they are having a turf war. There is one beautiful red bellied male who sits close to the feeder and quickly flies in to chase away any other who has the nerve to try and eat.


Breezy Point Mom said...

That is a fantastic hummingbird photo!

ptmom said...

Thanks! I sat outside for an hour watching them and waiting for them to be in the right position.