Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Palm Sunday Ceili

Haley helping out her buddy, Olivia with tuning.
Sunday we attended the Palm Sunday Ceili which is a fundraising event for a local urban scholarship fund. How's that for overgeneralization?

The kids' group Next Generation played during the intermission and Haley and Dylan had fun dancing and playing with friends the rest of the time. (All these photos are of Haley because Dylan requested that I not post any of the photos I took of him.) He made faces or hid his face during most of them anyway. (Ugh! Teenage boys!) Dylan brought along a female friend and introduced her to Irish music and dance. Haley had fun playing with her friends, Emily and Olivia, and also had her dance card filled. She has dancing buddies at every ceili.

Haley and friends playing. I should have fixed the evil eyes.

Haley, Emily, and Olivia.


Clap, clap!

Bet those adults loved having to duck under Haley and Ed's arms!


Linda said...

Doing some blog-hopping from Breezy Point Mom's blog, and interested to find the American version of our Scottish ceilidh! My daughter is a Suzuki violinist and also plays the clarsach (celtic harp), like the one at the back of the ceilidh band in your photos. It's mostly Scottish traditional music that she plays on the clarsach, tho the Irish harpist Carolan's tunes are also popular here.

ptmom said...

Thanks for dropping by. It's great to hear from another Celtic music family! Haley plays quite a few Carolan tunes.