Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a nice quiet family day for Easter. The whole family went to church...a rare event because we so rarely get Daddy into a church.

On the drive to church, as we passed a Catholic church close to our house, Dylan asked why we didn't just go to that church since it was closer. Haley's response, "It's a Catholic Church. You don't want to go there. You have to tell the priest everything you do wrong then he smites you."

It took me quite a while to stop laughing. I mean, who uses that word? I did explain to Haley about confession to clear up any misunderstanding she had.

After church Haley hunted Easter eggs at Poppop's house then we went home and Haley and Dylan decorated eggs. They made some really funny eggs!

I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and listening to Haley practice while Dylan and Newt helped Daddy and Poppop in their respective gardens.

We had a steak dinner on the grill and homemade apple pie.  Not our usual Easter fare but it was a beautiful day and I hadn't had anything on the grill since early fall. Poppop ate with us then we spent the evening reading books and watching a movie.

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