Monday, March 21, 2011


Last week, Haley's violin teacher gave her her choice of which piece to work on next. She recently started Meditation from Thais and though she wasn't initially thrilled...since it is a slow piece and all, she has learned to like it. Watching a youtube video of Sarah Chang playing it beautifully helped a lot.

Anyway, Haley's teacher told her to go home and listen to the Bach Concerto in A Minor (the middle piece in Book 7) which she already knew and has been listening to and messing around with for about 6 months off and on since hearing a young girl play it in a masterclass and Bach Concerto in E Major. Her teacher said both are at about the same level technique-wise so she didn't care which Haley chose. 

I could have placed money on the A Minor because she has been dying to learn it for so long and her teacher has been using it as a carrot for doing some not so fun technique work.

So, we went home and listened to the E Major. She thought it sounded happy and started fooling around with it almost immediately. Though she wants to learn both and hated having to decide, the E Major sparked her interest and she decided it was the winner. 

That meant we had to order the sheet music. When the music arrived, Haley was even more excited to have actual "big kid" sheet music rather than music photocopied for her or out of a book like all her other pieces have been. An added benefit! Ha!

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