Sunday, March 13, 2011

Celtic Celebration...

Last spring the kids were booked by Down Jersey Jim for his Celtic Celebration. It seemed like it would be forever until today arrived but time flies.

The kids were the "headliners" of the show performing right after the intermission. Whenever I question whether or not I am making the right choices for my kids, I only have to see them on stage to know that is where they seem to belong.

For Haley... the bigger the audience, the better. She talks to them, makes up little comments on the fly, and plays her little heart out. Newt got the audience clapping along and his version of Galway Girl was a hit.

Dylan during sound check.
Dylan was wonderful in his choice of chords to back Haley. All three of them play better in front of a crowd than anywhere. Today they were so "on" that I sat in the audience with tears in my eyes thinking, "Wow! Those are MY kids!" They were incredible!

The audience loved them. They spent about a half hour after the show signing autographs on their CDs or programs and having their pictures taken with other kids.

I still find this whole situation a bit surreal.
Newt waiting for sound check.

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