Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

We had a very fun but busy Halloween weekend! We started it with Friday night orchestra then Saturday afternoon orchestra which we almost didn't make due to a huge traffic jam on Rt.55 because of an accident. Haley and I rushed home from orchestra just in time for her to don her pirate costume (which we had, ahem, bought that morning...okay, I was a little behind this year) and picked up Dylan to go Trick or Treating (in his costume which I had bought that morning).  We went to a really nice neighborhood where many of the residents were dressed up, had their homes decorated, or sat outside and handed out candy. We met up with Dylan's buddy, Drew, and they walked around and filled their bags. Dylan then went with Drew to a Halloween Party while Haley and I went home and watched a movie.

Haley and I woke early on Halloween Day and drove to New York for her fiddle lesson with Brian. We took Tinks with us and she had to stop to relieve herself when we were on the Palisades Parkway so we stopped at this scenic overlook. (We've always wanted to stop and see NY from the cliff on the Hudson...great view!) Haley dressed in her costume and took her lesson as a pirate to surprise Brian.

She had a great lesson and some surprise fun after her lesson by having a few tunes with Brian and his students, Finbar and Dermot, who are brothers. Finbar is Newt's age and Dermot is 10yo. Haley gets to play with them when we go to Brian's sessions.

After Haley's lesson, we drove back home to our old neighborhood so she could Trick or Treat with her good friend, Lily. Haley and Lily have Trick or Treated together every year of their lives. It was fun seeing our old neighbors and catching up a bit. Tinks got to see her good doggy buddy, Shen. They were very happy to see each other but wiggled too much for me to get a picture.
Haley borrowed Lily's wig and it lasted as long as the 1st house then Haley discarded it as "itchy." Luckily we were still close to home-base so I didn't have to carry it the whole time.

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