Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Historic Cold Spring Village Folk Festival

The kids were scheduled to play at the Folk Festival back in July but the event was rescheduled due to 100-plus degree days.

This weekend the weather was absolutely perfect for a fall day. The Towheads played two sets on Saturday and a set on Sunday. They did a great job and Newt debuted his singing skills with Galway Girl. The kids drew a nice sized crowd, sold some CDs, and had a fun day. Between sets we checked out the historic buildings and activities like pottery, woodworking, broom-making, iron forging, and spinning wool. We also had ice cream and listened to the other performers play. Haley made friends with Molly, an 8 year old whose grandfather played in one of the bands.
The buildings and activities melded perfectly with Haley's current history unit on colonial times. It was a great way to spend a weekend.

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