Sunday, September 12, 2010

Auditions and Irish Music

This weekend, Haley had two auditions for different orchestras. At the PRYSM audition, they took her into a room upstairs from where the parents wait so I couldn't hear anything. She said they only listened to her play scales and a very small part of her selected piece.For the Temple audition, I was able to stand outside the room so I heard her play about 2 pages of the Vivaldi in G Minor and the first bit of Allegro by Fiocco.

We had worked all week on Allegro by Fiocco and Tempo di Minuetto by Kreisler because her teacher promised she could play those pieces for her audition rather than the Vivaldi G Minor Concerto, a piece she claims to dislike but had polished for her solo and masterclass with David Kim for Ogontz because her teacher wanted her to. It was a deal between them. Friday, at her violin lesson just hours before her 1st audition, her teacher suggested the Vivaldi. Haley played it and we decided it was her most polished piece. Even Haley decided she was more comfortable with it than the Kreisler.

After the audition Saturday morning, we went to the Philadelphia Ceili Group Festival at the Irish Center. Haley took a fiddle class with Liz Carroll, then played a couple tunes for Liz after the class.
Liz: "Do you like fiddling?"
Haley: "Yes."
Liz: "I can see why you like it when you can play like that!"

Haley joined the Next Gen kids during the dinner hour, where they each were allowed to do a solo if they wanted. Haley played a lively Mason's Apron...her current favorite. Afterward, we hung out and watched a wonderful concert including Liz Carroll and Daithi Sproule.

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