Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tree on the Trail...

Sunday afternoon around 4pm, a bad storm blew through with lightning that killed our electricity until 1am Tuesday morning. Without TV to watch, we practiced some music, read books, played games, and Haley and I started Tree on the Trail by Hollings Clancy Hollings.

Haley's violin teacher, who homeschooled her two now in college kids, did some cleaning in the spring and passed along numerous homeschooling books including a geography program using the books written by Hollings including huge maps to color and label while reading the books. I was saving them to do in the fall but with time on our hands, it seemed like a good time to start.

We had fun reading the first few chapters of the story, linking the information to what we'd read so far in History of US Book 1 by Joy Hakim, and labeling/coloring the map. Haley is keeping a notebook with help covering little side-trips based on information in the book...some of which we can now complete since we have the computer back. We finished the first 3 lessons while electricity-less and are looking forward to continuing.

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