Sunday, July 25, 2010

School plans...September 2010-whenever

This coming year Newt and Dylan will be attending public school. Newt will be in high school (9th grade) and Dylan in middle school (7th grade). I have serious thoughts about supplementing Newt's math since he will only have math half the year due to the most ridiculous and counterproductive scheduling I've ever heard...but that's another story.

So, that leaves Haley at home with me. Mmmmrrrrhhhahaha...just kidding. Here's what we have planned for the coming school year. It's a bit ambitious so we'll see how much we get done.

Math: Saxon 76
Hands on Equations
Teaching Company's Joy of Mathematics DVDs
Problem Solving the Systematic Way Primary 6

Foreign Language: Rosetta Stone Spanish and Gaelic

Language Arts: Wordly Wise 5
Editor in Chief- finish A1 then move on to A2
Michael Clay Thompson: Grammar Voyage, Paragraph Town, Caesar's English, and Building Poems (we started CE and BP last year so will finish it up then move to the next level)
Introductory Level: Best Poems and Best Short Stories (If we finish these up will move on to Lightning Literature 7th Grade.)
Reading Strands-Understanding Fiction
Critical Thinking Company books: Language SmArts and Run on Riddlers

History: History of US by Joy Hakim along with a middle school level study guide from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources along with numerous supplements like biographies, activity guides, critical thinking guides, fiction and nonfiction books. I can't possibly list them all here but as we begin each era I'll try to post which ones we're using.

Science: Biology: We are studying biology this year beginning with the human body per Haley's request, moving on to animals around winter, then to plants in the spring. Our spines...
PLATO Life Science- computer program
Teaching Company: Joy of Science DVD lectures on life and biology.
NOEO Biology complete with books and experiments
Eyewitness Books: Life
Biology for Every Kid

Human Body: Human Body for Every Kid
Head to Toe Science
The Body Book
Various books and coloring books on anatomy and slides for microscope.

Animals: Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method
Usbourne Illustrated Encyclopedia of Nature
Computer programs on cells and frog dissection

Plants: How Nature Works
Inside Guides: Incredible Plants
Handbook of Nature Study by Comstock

Music: violin and fiddle lessons plus orchestra
Teaching Company: Listen to and Understand Great Music (more for Mommy but Haley'll listen)

Art: Teaching Company: Museum Masterpieces-The Louvre
Art Activity Packets
Drawing with Children
Artistic Pursuits

Geography: Geography Literature Approach-based on books by Holling Clancy Holling- Minn of the Mississippi, Seabird, Tree on the Trail, and Paddle to the Sea

Logic: Introductory Logic by Wilson and Nance
Critical Thinking Company- Arguments, Think A Minutes, Visual Mind Benders

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