Monday, March 01, 2010

Music, Music Everywhere...

No, the music isn't everywhere but it feels as if we are travelling everywhere to play it. LOL This has been a crazy weekend. It snowed all day on Friday and although it didn't amount to much...3-4 inches is nothing compared to the 20-24 we've gotten the last 2 storm...I still didn't feel comfortable driving while the snow was coming down so we had one of those rare "stay at home" days.

Saturday, Dylan had Irish guitar lessons then we drove home to pick up Grammy who rode with us the rest of the day to Haley's orchestra rehearsal in the city then another 1.5 hours the opposite direction for an Irish Ceili the kids had been invited to attend. The ceili was so much fun. We girls danced some of the dances. The man hosting the event would come over to us and say "You know this one."

We didn't know any of the ceili dances but it would be an easy one for them to teach us. Haley danced more than Grammy and I did. All her partners were twice as tall as she. She and Dylan played the tunes they knew during the dancing sets then inbetween the dances they had "songs" times and would ask the kids to play something together or one of the guitarists would sing and play. We stayed to 11pm and the kids were still upset that they had to leave "so early."

Sunday, Haley had a make-up violin lesson because of the snow on Friday. After the lesson we drove back home to pick up Grammy and Poppop so they could accompany us to back to the city for an Irish seisun. Today Haley and I are off to watch the Greenfield Competition at the Kimmel Center. We are looking forward to hearing some wonderful young classical musicians performing.

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