Monday, March 29, 2010


For the past 7 years, we have dutifully followed the Well Trained Mind history rotations...Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, then Modern History. The boys made it through their first complete rotation and began their second when Haley joined them. Newt went to school this year so Haley and Dylan worked together on Medieval History. We used Story of the World 2, History Portfolios for Medieval History, and a number of other resources and project guides.

We finished early this year and, since Dylan will be going to school next year, I decided against beginning the next course. Instead, we began reading through Joy Hakim's History of US. I have had these books for years...a wonderful find for cheap on an eBay auction but until now, hadn't found a good way to incorporate them into our history curriculum. We are nearly finished the first of the series and the kids have enjoyed finding all the places mentioned on the map (and discussing those places we have seen and those we'd like to see), so are also getting a course in United States geography. We've added in some extra readings and projects as well so I doubt we will finish the entire series before September.

Haley is very lucky to have a violin teacher who homeschooled and who is finished homeschooling so getting rid of many great resources!
Here are some of the books we are using with the first History of US book.

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