Friday, August 31, 2007

Who would have known?

Aunt Stacy mailed Haley a giftcard for the American Girl store to use next weekend when we go. Haley has carried around the catalog that arrived with the card since it came. She has figured out combinations of items she can afford and written wish lists. Who would have thought that a simple giftcard would yield so many learning experiences.

Boys started Judo last night. They visited the class on Tuesday night. Only one other young boy so they will have to do most practice with each other. They loved the first class. Haley and I had "Girl's Night." I let Haley pick our activities. We did a lesson in Rosetta Stone Spanish, played princess castle, baked a cake, and read a chapter in a new book (I think we have 3 books going now and don't know how she keeps them all straight).

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