Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grammy's Birthday Surprise...

On Tuesday morning a woman from Grammy's office called to invite Haley to play violin at the office for Grammy's birthday luncheon. She said that Grammy talks about Haley's prowess on violin often and always says she will bring her in to play but never has so they were taking matters into their own hands.

So, I took Haley and her violin. She played for the 15 or so people who work with her Grammy. I am always amazed at her composure and confidence in front of large groups of people. She played for them and talked to them so articulately and without the least bit of shyness. The funniest thing to me is that when she plays for other people, she seems to remember all those little points that we work on when practicing even though I often have to remind her about them during practice sessions. As someone who tends to get nervous and make mistakes under pressure, I have the utmost respect for my daughter who thrives on it.

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