Saturday, January 20, 2007

Violin Concert

Yesterday Haley had a violin concert at a senior citizen's center. Tomorrow is her big concert and she will be playing her Twinkles. She played them yesterday the best she has ever played them. Her teacher was amazed though I had tried to explain to her that Haley seems to thrive when playing in front of people. No matter how she practices or does in lessons, put her in front of a group of people and she plays beautifully.

It seems really weird that she was graduating from her Twinkles a year ago with her first teacher. I feel like an entire year was wasted when she spent the summer "learning" bad technique with the substitute. Now with a lot of work, her technique is much improved and she is ready to move on.

Listening to the older students play in the concert yesterday was wonderful. Miss Gerry has some very talented violinist who have been playing for a long time. (We never saw that in the old school because the most advanced children were just completing Book 1.) I love to hear where Haley is headed. It makes all the money and driving time worth it. All the practicing and time with Haley makes it worth it as well but, no matter how talented Haley ends up being, if she is able to play like any of those children, she will have a way to make music for herself and bring herself a lot of pleasure and relaxation in the future.

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