Saturday, January 20, 2007

A little about the beginning of our homeschooling journey...

When Newt was 4 yo and being a terror in his preschool class due to utter and complete boredom, I was in a panic about what to do with him the next school year. He was too young to enter public school kindergarten.

I had already searched every preschool/kindergarten in the area to find the best one and the one he was in went to 8th grade and supposedly taught each child as an individual (a nice concept but not put into practice). This school said they would take him into kindergarten early but since they had not done such a great job in preschool (and cost $8000 a year), it was not a good choice.

My only other option was homeschooling. A hard decision for someone who was not used to going against society's norms. I had gone to school, was valedictorian and home-coming queen, went to a decent college, and had a job I loved. On the other hand, I had never felt challenged by school and once I got into college, was placed in the gifted classes so got to see just how many people had been challenged in high school and were so much more prepared than I was. I didn't want my children to be unchallenged or their talents stifled or worse, wasted.

I researched homeschooling for months. Read books, looked at different curriculums, talked online to other homeschooling mothers, etc... It seemed like the only good option. My husband agreed to let me try it on a year by year basis. Seven years later and we are still at it.

I know my time is limited with my oldest son. He is a wrestling. He wants to wrestle in high school so he must leave me in another 3.5 years. The second son will probably want to be in school once his brother is and he would probably do well in school with a few modifications like advanced math classes. I am hoping to homeschool my baby girl all the way through high school but that will have to be decided as time goes on.

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