Saturday, December 16, 2006

Violin Concert

Yesterday was Haley's Christmas concert at the retirement home. She was supposed to play only 2 songs that we had worked on but her teacher asked her to come up and play O Come Little Children then Haley said she knew Up On the Housetop as well since she had been picking it out on her own. We hadn't practiced it at all together but she played beautifully, floating her little self back and forth and singing the words while she played.

She had learned O Come Little Children with her old teacher before we switched teachers to someone with more experience teaching technique. She hadn't played it in 4 months though because we have been trying to let her "forget" her songs to relearn them with proper technique. Yeah, right! My little elephant never forgets!

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Stewart said...

It is wonderful that you spend the time and energy that you do on our children. I am proud of you and them. Keep up the good work, Daddy