Friday, December 15, 2006

Recent Accomplishments....

My boys tested for new Gumdo belts last week. They did wonderfully in their tests. I am so proud of them. Newt also took second in his wrestling tournament last weekend. He lost to one of his best friends who is also his practice partner. Oh well. It was a great day of wrestling.

I got Dylan's new math book this week and now he is working twice as hard to finish the old one. Maybe I should buy new books more often....LOL.

This week Haley's violin teacher told me that slowing Haley down to play violin with good technique was like trying to fit her into a "Tupperware container." Then she proceeded to hand me a book called "Gifted Children: Myths and Realities." We have her Christmas concert today. She is so excited.

Haley has been messing around with reading for a couple years now. She started memorizing books when she was 13 months old and memorized any book I read to her. This caused some strange looks in the library when she'd pick up a book she had gotten out previously and proceeded to "read it." She has known all her letters by their phonetic sounds since she was 16 months old. She started putting sounds together for simple CVC words about a year later while playing in the shower with letters. About a year ago, she picked up "Little House in the Big Woods" which I had been reading to her and told me it was her turn and read a page fluently with voices for the quotations. She was able to read but preferred to be read to so she could memorize the book. Haley is now reading everything she can get her hands on. Her endurance has improved. She is using phonics rules we haven't even gotten to yet. I don't know how she figured it all out but I am proud of her and excited at all she can now do.

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