Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warm weather!

After months of temperatures below 40 degrees, yesterday's temp above 60 was wonderful! There is just something about a warm , sunny day that gives one hope for spring and makes me feel like getting things done.

The house was a mess yesterday morning because we'd not been home all weekend between wrestling matches, orchestra rehearsals, and Irish music sessions. I spent the early morning straightening up, doing laundry, and cleaning. I did bills for the month and scheduled a few patients for work. I also got Haley's latest fiddle lesson downloaded from camera to computer and listened to it...deleting anything extraneous and marking things she needs to work on this week.

Once the boys were off to school, Haley and I showered then she did her Suzuki review practice.

Afterward, she did schoolwork...
Level H Review Test 4 in Spelling Power
Vertebrates lesson with PLATO science including tests (our goal for today is to make charts of all the different kingdom classifications)
Started Writing Strands Level 4...lesson 1 days 1-4
Thinkwell PreAlgebra lesson
Destinos Spanish lesson 8
Best Short Stories Unit 5...read The Tell Tale Heart and did review questions
Read a chapter in Unit 2 History of US (we have a DVD on the Revolutionary War we really need to watch)
"Paddle to the Sea" lesson #5 (geography)

In between schoolwork she did her classical music practice...scales, theory books, reading, and current piece. We ate lunch and read a chapter of Anne of Green Gables together. Then she did her orchestra practice for both orchestras, did some research on the computer to answer questions from her Paddle to the Sea lesson, and practiced her fiddling.

After picking the boys up from Poppop's where they worked out after school and wrestling practice, we ate dinner, Haley wanted a piano lesson so she got one then she worked through about half of a piano theory book she found in the piano bench. She made a scrapbook for her American Girls then played Barbies while I read until bedtime.

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