Monday, February 28, 2011

Fiddling Fun!

Yesterday was a long day but a lot of fun. Haley's fiddle teacher, Brian Conway, asked her to play a couple sets with him at a library concert. So we drove up early to meet him at the library for a lesson. Then she and a couple of his other students played during his concert. Brian played a great concert with a variety of tune sets and gave a bit of history about Irish music along with information about the different tunes he played. Haley's solo set is in the video above. Brian and the kids also played a few sets together. 

After the concert the kids had fun selling Brian's CDs and talking to the audience members as they came out of the room.

Can you tell my kid loves a session?

We drove straight from the concert to Brian's new session at Mickey Spillane's in Eastchester, NY. What a neat Irish pub! They even had the good butter we fell in love with while in Ireland. We ate an early dinner then Haley joined in the session for the entire 3 hours. She loves sessions with Brian because he plays lots of tunes she knows so she can play for most of the 3 hours. She also likes making faces and having staring contests with Finbar, another of Brian's younger students while playing.  Our friend Patricia was there singing a song here and there. I didn't know she had such a great voice! We'd never heard her sing before, only heard her on guitar.